If the product was good

People would maybe actually buy it.

Just a side note, now that the music industry is going after p2p users over here as well. I might be repeating myself:

I only found out about my now favorite band Within Temptation via audiogalaxy because it was listed there in a category of music I liked. I have bought both albums and went to two festivals to see them. And I am happy they are playing again at this years M’era Luna.

I am still laughing about the Australian music industry’s sales record which they were trying to hide?

I am not in favor of downloading everything. Support bands and artist you like: buy their albums! Don’t buy something just because it is hip this week, next week nobody will remember. If everybody was using the p2p networks responsibly, I guess the industry would have blamed p2p anyhow for their declining sales which I blame (others do as well but I am too lazy to look for some links to support this) on the bad quality of a lot of the music being produced today.

And my colleague is scared to death the police will come and get her for the 10 songs she downloaded. That’s what I call effective deterrence: She already asked her boss wether she’d be fired, if she’s going to prison 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories