Hackmaster: Quest for the Unknown

or: Fumble-Mania

Yesterday I finally got a group together for a hackmaster one shot. Except for one of the players none of them had any idea of the rules so character generation took a bit longer than even I expected. We ended up with

– Li Mu Bei: a male human monk (Rolland)
– Drizzt: a male drow fighter/thief (Psycho)
– Betty Sonnenschein: a female pixie fairie illusionist (Jones)
– Rucolix: a male gnomeling druid (Gerhard)

Character generation has two sides. There is the fun side when the player is able to laugh about the flaws he gets (lisp and flatulence) and there is the downside when they have strength 6 and keep complaining they don’t hit any monsters. Since they all opted for random flaws and chose to roll as much as four times on the flaws and quirks, there is a wide selection of fun things I can have happen to them: fire, poison gas, sleeping, unsurprised monsters and more …..

I ‘dressed’ their way to the dungeon a bit and they left out all possible fights, which is okay, they might have died before they reached the dungeon. They finally got there, found the key under the door-mat and entered with two mules, one pony and a pack-ape. Mules are too cheap at 8 gold pieces. In true hackmaster tradition they roled the dice to determine the cartographer and then the drow got the pixie fairie to do it for a larger treasure share. (I made the mistake of giving the map with the ‘Q’ on it to the drow who now thinks he gets all the treasure, well right now its 1% for the druid and monk each, 21% for the pixie and the rest for the drow)

Before I write much more: I wonder how many of them would still live if a certain min-max-d&d-expert drow had not been there 😉 so maybe it’s okay that he gets all the gold? The trash-ogre was just a lucky natural 20 but the two serpents in the throne room (1D6 damage each) would have killed them.

On a final note: the lisp is spreading. Did you ever try to intimidate someone while stuttering? No? Well I thought so. I hope we’ll finish the adventure sometime. The game master’s screen is soooo cool, I just want to use it some more.

Addendum 3. May Hackmaster can now also be found on my wiki.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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