Gendered Shopping

Last week I noticed (once more), there is a profound difference in the way women and men shop. Maybe not all men but many. Especially geeks.

1. Deterministic Shopping – How Men Shop
– they decide they need a shirt.
– alternative: they just want to go spend some money, then go to geek-store
– else go to a store that carries shirts
– select a shirt in correct size and in the color needed
– try it on
– pay
– go home

2. Fun Shopping – How Women Shop
– they decide they need a new outfit (or several)
– alternative: they just want to go spend some money
– 1: go to ‘a’ clothes store, go through all the racks. take anything that looks “good”
– try on stuff, several times if needed
– get a few different sizes and some more stuff
– ask somebody wether it looks good on you or wether it makes you look fat
– look at the prices, sigh and buy
– if still money on bank account goto 1
– notice you got a ton of things and not even everything you said you needed.

3. Extended Annoyance – How Men and Women shop together
Woman stupidly asks (having forgotten the last experience of this kind): “I need something new, my girl-friends are busy, will you come along? I just need this one thing, and afterwards we’ll go to a café!”
Man stupidly agrees (having forgotten the last experience of this kind)

– first store, everything is fine. Woman does her usual procedure. Man bears it, still believing it’s only this ‘one’ thing and this ‘one’ store. Woman buys something, she didn’t need a minute before
– second store, woman repeats standard procedure. Man gets slightly annoyed and bored
– Woman: “So how’s this?”
– Man: “It’s fine.”
– Woman: “No seriously, is this good?”
– Man: “Well it’s a bit colorful, don’t you think?”
– Woman: “So you don’t like it. Okay.”
– Man: “No I didn’t say that, I mean do you have something to wear with it?”
– Woman: “Of course, but since you don’t like it …. so how’s this?”
– Man: “It’s fine.” …
– Repeat over a few more stores until man stays outside waiting for woman who really just wants to go home as well by that point.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories