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So here’s the final installation of my cell-phone rants – okay so most of these weren’t blogged …. but I was having trouble with it ever since that skiing vacation in March.

The other day I finally found the receipt (in a drawer at work) and so I brought the cell-phone to the shop to get that software update, which should fix all those problems I was having – well according to them. I was mad at the shop because they sold me the phone with software in a beta or even alpha state from the last century 😉

I had asked the sales woman[1] wether it was possible to make a backup of my data before the software update. She said that wasn’t possible and all data would be lost in the process. I was steaming. After all I am working in software and I just cannot imagine how someone could be so stupid to construct a consumer device that stores personal data without the possibility for a backup. Well I believed her. Too bad for her. This time I wouldn’t even be getting an Ersatz-Phone for the time the update would take. This made me enjoy the service even more.

Yesterday I went to retrieve my phone. I talked to somebody different and even before he got me my phone back I started bitching how I thought they were incompetent morons (not quite my original wording) for selling me the phone with the outdated software in the first place and how it was their fault that I was having a financial loss here and ….. the guy believed me as well. I would have done the same to pacify me I guess: I gave me a couple of coupons worth more than the game would have cost. Then I got my phone back and checked it[2] at the store to see if everything was fine.

Now here’s the point of this post: I noticed that all the data was still on there including the stoopid ‘Load-A-Game’ java game I am never playing. I left the store grinning broadly. If the technician can make a back up and the sales people don’t know, well it’s not my problem.

fn1. I was lucky I didn’t get that slimy guy again who always tries to sell me tariff or another phone.

fn2. yeah a bit paranoid I got there

PS: I have now taken the 5 minutes it takes and removed the outside part of the branding with the blue end of an eraser 🙂 My tiny version of sweet revenge.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories