Flavorites of Chocolate

Two of my favorite chocolate producers are Lindt or Côte d’Or. Of course chocophile will tell you there are better ones out there. But those are available to me here. So that’s what I buy and eat. My favorite is a 70% choclate, even better with pieces of cocoa beans or a slight hint of vanilla flavor.

My complaint is, that you actually cannot obtain the chocolate with the cocoa bean pieces in it here. I bought two bars on our way home from skiing in Switzerland and I hope that I remember correctly seeing it in the Intermarché in Lauterbourg just across the border in France. Why can’t I get it here though? Why are the web-pages of the companies so incomplete? I was searching for a catalogue of their products which should be both easy and advantageous to put on the web: Nada. Nothing. Nix! Ok, I might have missed it on the Côte d’Or site since it’s in French, and my knowledge of the French language is – at best – lacking. But there’s nothing there for me to even look at 🙁

By the way: when I was in the US. I thought how terribly sweet the choclate there tasted in comparison with chocolates commonly available in Germany (Milka, Ritter Sport). Now I think the same about those in comparison with those mentionned above 🙂 I wonder what types of chocolate I’ll eat in 10 or 20 years. It won’t be the 99% chocolate from Lindt and it tastes burnt and bitter, so don’t. It’s only good for a joke.

Another note: for desserts drive to France and buy those “chocolat au dessert” (or whatever it’s called, just make sure it says “dessert” somewhere on the packaging) available there. I know there is one by Nestlé and a few others which are all really good for making “Soufflé au chocolat” (I’ll post that another day) and other great chocolate desserts.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories