Cliché Revival

If you know German read the article: Lebenshilfe für Frauen: Die Uschi-AG. Is this the post-feminism back-to-the-roots cliché-revival movement?

Some woman wrote a book how womean are supposed to manipulate men into doing what they want. A woman that successfully gets men to do everything for her is called “Uschi”[1]. An “Uschi” is a stereotypical stupid blonde building on old out-dated[2] clichés. This book says that if women act stupid, selfish and helpless they can have any man they want. It propagates an entirely wrong image of women. And they are making a complete company out of this: talks, trainings, events, etc.

Blondierte Dauerwelle, billiger Fetzen mit Ausschnitt bis zum Bauchnabel, zentimeterhohe Plateauschuhe: So sehen sie aus, die Uschis dieser Welt. Eigentlich ein mitleiderregendes Schicksal – wäre da nicht die Tatsache, dass Uschis irgendwie besser zurechtkommen mit den Widrigkeiten ihres Lebens. Immer findet sich ein Mann, der Auto oder Spülmaschine repariert und den Wasserkasten in den vierten Stock schleppt. Uschi kriegt, was Uschi will.

This translates roughly as: “blond perm, cheap low-cut dress, high-heels you cannot walk on […] and Uschi gets what Uschi wants!” She claims to be inspired by “Sex and the City” forgetting that the women portrayed there aren’t Uschis. Well some times they behave like that maybe. But for those who are “strong” it doesn’t really matter as much as for those who are still searching who still do not know who they are and are looking for role-models.

Plus: I just heard from one of the would-be Uschi-victims[3] that the only men who wouldn’t run screaming would be those cliché types who have only one thing on their mind ….

Ordinarily I would be guessing that all this is sprinkled with a heavy dose of irony/cynicism but the company website eradicates any of the “in dubio pro reo” I was going to grant the book. Now I will order this book and in due time, I’ll post a more in-depth review of this.

fn1. “Uschi” sounds entirely too much like German for “pussy”

fn2. I had been hoping all the time they were outdated.

fn3. men, if you didn’t guess.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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