Chasing A Me

On my way to work I felt chased. I hate when somebody is driving their bike just right behind you, not over-taking, just seeming to follow you. It happens to me quite often. I don’t get it, I prefer to either go faster or way slower. Cars same as bikes. But at the lights right before the office I got rid of him. I could see how he was looking to which building I went. Well guess paranoid imagination isn’t only for others.

April is here in full force. Last week-end I was considering sitting on our balcony in a bikini and today I am freezing to death on my way to work. We already had a hail and thunderstorm this week.

And now to something completely different (again): cars – well their drivers – everybody just turns their brains off around 4p.m. when they leave office it seems. We have working public transport, lots of people using bikes, why on earth are the streets so clogged around 4-6p.m.. But with the average citizen getting older while no babies are born, I read somewhere that the traffic problem will be solved in about 10-15 years – at least in Germany. because there won’t be a lot of Germans anymore. Maybe truck-drivers won’t cross red lights anymore to get ahead 1 minute and we can all happily go to Seniorentanztee, oh wait the next ist on 06/05/04 not in 10 years.

It took some time to hit the music industry that many p2p users simply download the songs to see wether to buy the songs. Well too bad that all over the world – except Germany – the music industry is starting to do better. But who could be so stupid to make most of their money with “Singles” and “compilations” , I could have told them. Did you ever notice how many English words there are for klein and how few German ones there are?

I noticed something else as well: that kasia wasn’t the only one to criticize googles privacy policy on their g-mail service.

Daniel is done, what a coincidence that the entry id is 42.

In the meantime (diveinto)mark is ranting about powerpoints interoperability with itself while I am looking forward to my Easter vacation and wondering why I have been so much more productive this week than last: me being alone in the office, me losing my office mate, my boss being sick or the vacation coming up? Maybe simply because the project finally starts working?

I dropped two sizes and now none of my clothes fit anymore. None. Not quite how I imagined: better. A diet of dark chocolate helps. Believe me. No don’t find your own way or stay.

Last but not least think about the ego-tism of these guys. To do something better follow the lead of others and plant a google bomb to make the wikipedia score the top-search on jew instead of some anti-semitic site.

Stuff just accumulates when you cannot stop thinking about …. well things.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories