Black is orange

I am sooo incredibly fashionable right now. But I always was. Just remember my orange chucks[1]. Not only is orange the latest rage but chucks[2] are back this year as well. And I bought mine in 1995!

Additionally we defined black as orange waaaay back in the 90s, so we had style even back then. Geez we’re old. I am referring to things I did during my time at university that happened in a decade long passed.

And doesn’t my new sweater fit well with my blog design[3].

And here a picture of the Red Shoes I mentionned:

fn1. A photo of which I’ll post later. They are in a state of unraveling one might say.

fn2. Converse Chucks.

fn3. Let’s not start discussing the design issue. I know about that 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Did I mention that “red shoes” are so “in” now that at some shoe stores there is a complete rack filled with red shoes?

    I have to repeat: I bought them without knowing that 😉

    And besides looking good, they are very comfortable, making the prospect of more excessiv shopping very alluring. Only some of the “true geeks” ™ find them too colorful.

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