Animal Attraction

I seem to attract certain types of animals. In summer mosquitoes enjoy my blood, in Italy fleas and bed-bugs got attached to me, my plants are regularly eaten by my plant-lice fanclub, our kitchen was infested with moths and their children and now our bathroom has turned into ant-ville.

I killed them all. There were at least fifty ants building a new home under our bathroom rug. I think I know where they are coming from, I just don’t know how to stop them. I am not a friend of ants in the home. Last year we had an ant highway on the balcony – I put a stop to that one with baking soda. In the bathroom I used the bathroom cleaner spray. It’s very good to kill ants.

I am not even friends with the usual animals people have at home like cats and dogs. I have a cat allergy and I am simply scared of most dogs. Except “Socke”. I think fish are boring and birds are annoying. So why should I enjoy having ants in my bathroom? We kill every single spider that makes it into the apartment (well Rolland makes me vacuum them) and we have moth traps up so last year’s moth disaster won’t be repeated. I have traps to catch mosquitoes in summer and I will kill every single ant! It’s war.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Hey Jan,

    das ist eine sehr coole Seite, danke fuer den Link :-).

    Die Ameisen haben wir mittels Backpulver tatsaechlich verjagt, seit Sonntag morgen sind keine mehr aufgetaucht.

    Mit diesen Tierchen hatte ich vergleichsweise wenige Probleme, noch waren es ja nur ein paar Dutzend, aber wenn es überhand nimmt ist es nicht mehr niedlich und stell dir vor es wären Spinnen gewesen, Rolland wäre an einem Herzkasper gestorben.


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