Age of News

First I read it on a blog. Sounds interesting, sometimes I post about it. I read this on jazznrythm a few days ago. I thought it was very interesting.

So today Spiegel has one of those ‘friday’ articles on it: Ghost Rider Girl: Mit der Kawa durch die Todeszone von Tschernobyl – Netzwelt – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

A true surprise that heise was left out in the news stacktrace this time. Big surprise sometime next week I’ll see this snippet on one of those tv shows around 6p.m. that seem to copy all their content from some of the major news sites and then wait a few days until everybody knows about it already and every once in a while these things make it into the real news.

Watching the news is rather boring when you read the net all day at work. Oh well. So I am a qualified hot news source because I read/post about these things earlier than some major sites? No I am just one of the gazillion bloggers who’ve know this phenomenon for some time. I am still fascinated by it. I am new to all this, even though I have been blogging for more than a year.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories