A relict of the 90s

Here they are, as promised. A picture of my orange shoes. I bought them when I visited my friend Caroline in 1995 in Grosse Pointe. Admittedly they are in a sad state because one day I decided they’d be better as “Pantoffeln” than as sneakers. The orange is a bit faded as well.

At the store where I bought them I had the choice between some boring colors like white, dark red, a dark, dirty-looking[1] purple and well: orange. So the choice wasn’t hard at all.

I still have them because I just couldn’t bear to throw them away. I wore those shoes so often and there are so many memories attached. Like the night I got so terrible drunk that I put the shoes on the back of my bike, left the bike and ran into the woods …. the rest of the night is hazy and when I woke with a terrible head-ache the next morning alcohol was only one of the causes: the skin around my right eye had this dark, dirty-looking[1] purple color[2] and my mouth was full of dirt. My pants were lying outside of my room and I was lying on my bed like I had simply stumbled their backwards from the door …. no I really have to keep those shoes – if only to remember the head-ache.

fn1. plain ugly

fn2. I am lucky I have no scars around my eye.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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  1. I have a pair of those too, but they are bla.., er oran…, er, I mean they match the colour of my faded T-shirt with holes…

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