Where I’ve been

Seems to be the thing to do 🙂 I should travel more ….. create your personalized map of europe or write about it on the open travel guide


The new color of my hair. I like it. It’s very dark red. My new hair color has started me into a good day: I have gotten a bunch of compliments from my colleagues this morning :-)))


There is yet another version of Bomberman. I found out yesterday. I want it, I tried but somehow it won’t download 🙁

The result of 13 years

So here mac goes and writes how she didn’t learn anything useful in highschool: go fish : Don’t wanna be taught to be no fool. I guess I am of a different opinion in this case. I learned some important things in high-school and not only trivia. Let me make a list.

Cliché Revival

If you know German read the article: Lebenshilfe für Frauen: Die Uschi-AG. Is this the post-feminism back-to-the-roots cliché-revival movement?

Geek Advantage Codes

So here’s the final installation of my cell-phone rants – okay so most of these weren’t blogged …. but I was having trouble with it ever since that skiing vacation in March. The other day I finally found the receipt (in a drawer at work) and so I brought the cell-phone to the shop to… Continue reading Geek Advantage Codes

Musical Memories

People visualize, one remembers things easier if there is a picture to associate with something. That’s pretty common. For me. However I am always so surprised when some music, some song I am listening to conjures up memories or just a certain mood …

Still want these

I want some of those Crystal Caste: Dwarven Stones® and if we run a few more sessions those honor dice for hackmaster might come in handy.