Server Requests and Synchronization

Yay I found the synchronization problem before it found me 🙂 Which means I will not have to debug this issue without knowing what it is. I will have to debug it anyway though, because I am sure I’ll include a few bugs in my implementation.

I am writing a small client-server structure thing. I am generating images and of course I don’t want to generate anything twice. So what if the same request is entered twice. Oh I’ll have fun doing that one right 🙂 It’s more thinking than actual programming I need to do here which is something I like when it comes up first and later when I have to debug the stuff I hate it.

And no: “log.debug” does not automatically remove bugs!


The new color of my hair. I like it. It’s very dark red.

My new hair color has started me into a good day: I have gotten a bunch of compliments from my colleagues this morning :-)))

Geek Advantage Codes

So here’s the final installation of my cell-phone rants – okay so most of these weren’t blogged …. but I was having trouble with it ever since that skiing vacation in March.

The other day I finally found the receipt (in a drawer at work) and so I brought the cell-phone to the shop to get that software update, which should fix all those problems I was having – well according to them. I was mad at the shop because they sold me the phone with software in a beta or even alpha state from the last century 😉
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Movie Reviews: Kill Bill Vol. 2

This review is actually the first I read at which is all-out positive about the reviewed movie: Kill Bill Vol. 2.

I may decide to post my own review later. I liked both movies. I seriously need to see both again. But I think my knowledge of movies and writing reviews does not suffice for Kill Bill. I am going to give this one a 10 out of 10 at imdb 🙂