Wait another year

We’re back from the skiing vacation.

Stats: 12 people – 3 cars- 3 apartments – 1 week – Les Collons, Altitude 1850m. Ca. 100 bottles of beer and 12 bottles of wine. Too little ham and cheese. Too many eggs. Frozen oranges and apples. A lot of baguette. Too little cheese mix for the fondue. The plastic bags were too thin. 4 km walk to Thyons 2000 and only a few minutes to go down. 5 people tried to kick me out of the ski-lift. Altitude of Mont Fort 3330 m. Lost my ‘hat’ (?). The snow was january-like the weather more march-y. Lot’s of chocolat chaud with Alex. Piste de l’ours about 8 times, Etherolla about 10 times, Trabanta countless times. Lost keys – 2. Tons of games but only Rage and Uno actually played a lot. Endless discussions about cars and computers. The most peaceful “Jugo” ever. Languages known to participants at least 7 (excluding anything to do with computers!). Lots of chilling and one cool snowboarder 😉

Now the gizmo count:
– 5 laptops /that I know of/
– my guess is there were 10 digital cameras
– 0 analog cameras(?)
– one photo printer
– 10 mobile phones (including additional cameras)
– bunch of handhelds
– more devices 🙂

Thx to everyone for the fun vacation. “Lustig viel gehabt Spass mit Fahren und Ski. Mach ‘nen Satz drauss!”

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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