Program Configuration

Question to the audience.

How do you prefer to make the software you write configurable for the user? I am talking programs that do not have some fancy GUI.

I see two options currently.
– property files ( = value)
– xml files (well it’s xml)

I am using both depending on circumstance. Properties for small simple things like one or two different values I might need, locations of other files etc.. I prefer to use XML files for huge configuration systems that contain a tree of related properties and multiple instances of everything.

Any other ‘good’ way to configure programs?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Well it’s not only good for “users who know sh***” to be able to configure your program on the fly. There are things that are different in my testing environment which I want to be able to change in the deployment/build-process without touching code.

    I am not an if-def programmer because I am using java 😉

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