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Now that blogging is so common and I found out with Geo Url that there are even more bloggers around my hometown than I thought, I think I’ll make a short round-up of all those blogging in my neighborhood.

First those I know personally

Limited Creativity, high quality blogging :-p from Daniel often a bit on the critical side towards whatever he is commenting on
Omatapete Patrick’s grandma-like look, rare and shortish updates, hopefully more soon once ‘M’ gets involved.
snoblind Alex’ rarely updated blog, he is still denying the existence of ‘worthy’ blogging tools in favor of separatism

And here’s the rest, some of the blogs I used to read some time ago, others I just discovered with geourl:

Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp frequently updated with a category for Karlsruhe πŸ™‚
Pepilog very frequent updates with lots of links to external pages
Ghettoworld well the rat they had on the frontpage the other day made this look like some animal testing lab, but actually the hamster or whatever is holding a tiny machine gun (which doesn’t improve on the first image)
Kapitalisten.net never got further into this blog, is there any irony involved, group blog by a bunch of highschool students
Baschdl, colleague of mine
Blog’n’Roll, as most other blogs missing an obvious about statement, but this looks really good I think I’ll add it to my blogroll
Karlsruhe Stadtblog, hey Karlsruhe actually has its own blog!
O(li)Toene I’ll reserve my opinion on this for later when I have taken a better look.
Frueher war alles besser dead blog
Eckes Schnapsblog?

Addendum: vergessene:
Paland TV Weblog Beate’s weblog, new url coming soon
Jazz’n’Rythm Blog Newborn blog πŸ™‚
DasBlog@UniKarlsruhe another one found

By Yashima

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  1. Himmel, seid ihr schnell. Ich bin gerade mal 36 Stunden mit dem Blog online und habe den noch nichtmal richtig eingegliedert :-), da findet mich Beate schon. Respekt. Ich bin beeindruckt.

  2. Ja ich war auch beeindruckt mein Artikel war noch keine paar Tage alt, da kam der Hinweis πŸ™‚ Ich hatte ja nicht mal auf sie verlinkt ….

  3. Wie gut, daß es solch tolle Sachen wie feedster gibt πŸ˜‰ Ist extrem praktisch z.b. fΓΌrs Stadtblog – man muss ja sehen, was geht πŸ˜‰

  4. Nicht wirklich.

    Ein RSS-Reader holt dir deine abonnierten Feeds, und mit Feedster kannst du in allen Blogs (die pingen) nach stichworten suchen – sozusagen ein google fΓΌr blogs πŸ˜‰

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