Is anyone reading this

Better not because I have got nothing nice to say.

But writing it down let’s me view it from a different perspective and maybe realize a way to treat this differently and hopefully better in the long run. So what do you do with this.

There is some chore to do. Something nobody likes, like cleaning the bathroom which of course this is NOT about. You do it all the time without complaining because you feel it has to be done. Noone else bothers because the bathroom always seems clean. Whenever there’s a stain you go clean it away before most others notice. One day you are sick of it. You start going on how you have cleaned the bathroom for such a long time and that you won’t do it this time. The next time the bathroom looks like a mess you vow to keep quiet and let somebody else do it. Up to here everyone understands you. They agree to help out and be better bath room cleaners. But after a short time the mess bugs you and you start ranting about it. Look everyone, just look at this mess. Everyone looks at you and wonders: which mess? What is there to clean up? But you make some noise and so finally somebody agrees to take care of the “mess”. You go on complaining how you have cleaned the bathroom all the time and now that you are not willing to do it anylonger and just look at the mess everyone leaves.

“I said I’ll do it ….” thinking: will you please shut up.
“Well you know yesterday the cleaning took me forever!”
“Yeah so what, I got time.”
“Yes but it took really very long. And by the way tell me before you start, I have to go to the toilet.”
“You just go, I’ll clean it later.”
“Yes but don’t think it won’t take longer than you are willing to spend time on cleaning up!”
“Hmmm yes probably.” thinking: just keep going, please.

You rub it right in, just so everyone knows what an awful chore you have been doing all the time.

I just needed to write this. How does it sound?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories