I feel silly

As the day continues my list of funny incidents grows. Funny is meant to be ironic. You know. I just thought I’d better mention that. I am down on my luck. After cleaning off the mp3s to another partition, I tried to run my program again. Here’s the next result:

Failed to write table TABLE_FNORD
com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: Server user id 333 is not a valid user in database 'FNORD'

This does not look good. Immediately I suspect something fishy. Since this is not actually my job anymore, my old account might have been deleted. So I try to log in manually:

Server 'test'
Server user id 333 is not a valid user in database 'FNORD'
Msg 4001, Level 11, State 1
Server 'test'
Cannot open default database 'FNORD'.

This doesn’t look good at all. So what else can you do? Oh yes call the db-admin. Which I did. Which resulted in more embarrasment for me. Lots more. Because a few hours ago an announcement was posted that this specific test database was to be taken off the net for maintenance … but that’s just my day today.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories