How Mobbing Works

No I am neither on the receiving nor the giving end this time.

But now that someone said “Hey see this guy’s kissing up to the boss, he’s always doing this and that and then he’s getting help and not properly admitting that!” I really have to monitor my own behavior. Something always sticks. Talking bad about others in the workplace should be such a big NoNo especially those that you have to work with closely. It is soo easy to deviate from standard behavior to mobbing type behavior.

I look at people in a different way however much I don’t want to. This works both ways of course: if someone says something positive most often somethings sticks as well. But the good side isn’t nearly as predictable as the bad side. It takes months to annihilate such mean statements. Once made you cannot take them back. Reminds of one of my favorite quotes “Ein Wort ist wie ein Pfeil, ….” which I associate with a poem by Hilde Domin Unaufhaltsam.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories