Flying Food

rotflmao: you want fries with that? and I thought this was unknown armies related.

I can just imagine how it happens. It’s the same as when we both laugh for different reasons while watching another episode of Friends.

Well I am home sick myself which comes in quite handy because tomorrow we are going on a skiing vacation. My first real (go away from home) vacation since like 2 years and my first skiing vacation since just as many or even more. But I am sick. It’s just a freakin’ cold but I tried not to go to the doctor because I felt like a lazy bum becoming sick right before my vacation.

Oh yeah go me, good idea. Now I am reduced to drinking “Hot Lemon juice with Honey” and “camomille” (?) tea all day. “I amusing” which was meant to spell “I am using” up our complete stores of paper tissues and I am musing how I’ll survive that drive.

But I am going skiing no way I am not!!!!

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories