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Now I have it official – either I find the stupid paper or my guarantee is void and I have to pay for the new software version:

First, reality. The T610 firmware can only be updated by bringing
or sending the phone to a service center. Should your product need warranty
service, please return it to the dealer from whom it was purchased or contact
Your local Sony Ericsson Customer Care Center to get further information. The
Sony Ericsson Customer Care Centers can be contacted by phone or email through
www.sonyericsson.com/support. Phone numbers are included with the Warranty
information that came with your product. The Centers and will inform you about
the latest Software and nearest Sony Ericsson Service Center.

Fun fact:
– the guy at the service center knows I still have guarantee – he said so
– I know I still have guarantee – I bought it about 6 months ago
– he wants proof – I don’t have proof.
Guess who pays: I pay!

But I found the combo to find out the version of the software: >*<<*<* (where < and > are the joystick left and right), then service info and sw-info R1L013 which seems really ooooold in comparison to the versions mentionned on the forum.

Well I guess I’ll need a firmware upgrade anyway the phone was rather instable from the beginning. If you ever started java the phone regularly crashed. Maybe the firmware fixes the akku problems I am having.

I hate it. Just it. It. It. It. So there you have it.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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  1. One of my colleagues has even worse problems with this phone. It’s probably old software as well and lucky as he is he has not lost the bill. His phone is continuously searching for net connection while indeed his is much better than mine (different phone company).

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