Firefox is a sly one

It is playing games with me. This morning I discovered that firefox has a working sidebar again. I began my quest to put this to good use. Besides my default news page from Spiegel, I didn’t find a lot. Well I did: you can open my sidebar in the firefox sidebar as well. Nice.

After finding that I didn’t stop playing around with plugins and bookmarks. Noooo. I had to try and enable more “fancy features” ™. If only if only I had stopped right at that thought. I didn’t. The ensuing dramatic consequences once more showed how important it is to know when it is time to quit.

First I couldn’t modify my bookmarks anymore. I guess by taking away 96% of my cpu cycles firefox tried to tell me something. I didn’t listen. Instead I tried to repair the relationship – half-heartedly – while at the same time trying to enable mouse gestures. After a few restarts – during this phase I re-configured my “kill mozilla-firebird” gnome button to a “kill firefox” button – firefox abruptly left me. For good it seemed: instead of my neat little browser an error message appeared saying that some binding was not found. Firefox simply broke up with me. Instead of crying I went to get another incarnation and created a new profile. What a relief to see a fresh unsoiled browser: no bookmarks no cookies, no ugly themes, nothing configured. All my work of educating firefox: gone. My relief turned to horror in that moment of realization.

A few minutes later my horror is gone. Bookmarks imported flawlessly and at once I edited some of them just to show firefox I could do it! The rest of the settings are few and I configured them quickly. Then I found out that I could simply copy my cookies.txt file from my old profile, so that work wasn’t lost either. All I need to do now is get a few important extensions and I am back where I started: I’ll have a working relationship with my browser again.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories