Fattening Wallets and People

The wallets of those who produce the food and the people who eat it.

The fat america is such an old topic now and wasn’t corn something you fed to pigs? The other day davezilla was still joking about the ingredients of coke which also contains the corn syrup.

My favorite ‘hate ingredient’ from the lists is still “Glutamat”.

All this artificial food is making people sick. It’s sick what we are forced to eat nowadays and what we eat without knowing. It is very hard to avoid certain ingredients. I am not sure where all this came from but sometimes I believe that local companies imported this trend from the US. The first time I gained weight was during my year in the US 93/94, the second time was just the last few years after eating too much fast food and frozen meals and fat fat fat and too much of everything.

Now that I can wear the pants again I bought in San Francisco when I was 14, life is much brighter and easier.

Our lifestyle makes this so hard to attain. The food companies who amass wealth without concern for those they fatten. The commercials who sell us this awful food and if they don’t sell it to us, they sell it to those who cannot think for themselves: children. When I see another of those commercials for typical childrens food (f.e. “Fruchtzwerge), it makes me want to puke.

Then I have very little time after I return home from my job and even though I love cooking, I find it very hard to adhere to certain healthy standards. How much easier is it to take some pre-processed ingredients or even frozen meals, pizzas etc. The food I could get at work is full of fat and most restaurants/food places around here sell either fast food or are too expensive. Even salads can make you fat (cheese and dressing ….).

Most people sit on their couches too much because they are too lazy to get up and do something. It does not need to be sports. Just anything is better than watching TV eating chips and chocolate.

Don’t forget the evils of coke and other sugary/corn-syrup drinks.

Chocolate bars between meals, the sweeter the better and everything enriched with flavor enhancers to make you want more and more. The more addicted we are to what we eat the more money the food companies make.

Just quit eating their food. Make your own as much as you can. Don’t use pre-processed foods if at all possible and read the labels of everything else carefully. If eating becomes a bit more expensive for you: does that really matter in the light of living healthier?

By the way: I still eat a lot of chocolate 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Kauf doch im Alnatura ein 🙂

    Allerdings haben die auch Tiefkühlpizza und Schokolade…

  2. Glutamate, or MSG as it is often called, is a widely used ingredient in Asian cuisine. It enhances the taste, as does salt.
    We even have special receptors for glutamate on our tongues. Thus, it is one of the five basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami (glutamate). If used in a sensitive way, there is nothing bad about glutamate. For further information read this propaganda page.

    And just because Americans are afraid of it, doesn’t mean it’s harmful.

  3. I finde that glutamate and other flavor enhancers are used excessively to make us addicted to certains foods.

    I have stopped eating frozen pizza some time ago and several weeks ago, one of the roleplayers brought one to eat before the game. When the smell of the pizza wafted through the living room at first I found it appealing and thought how nice a piece of that pizza would be. Only afterwards did I note how artificial that smell was in comparison to my own homemade pizza.

    I am sure you are not that big of an advocate of glutamate. After all I know you’re a good cook 🙂

    I am just sick of all that ready made low quality food. Very sick of that.

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