Citrus Cooking

Yesterday we had Lemon Risotto and today we had Ravioli with Lime Filling. I find lime is quite a nice ingredient for all kinds of salads, sauces, pasta fillings etc., so I always try out recipes I find that contain lime 🙂 Not always very successfull.

The risotto was easy. Just take a standard risotto recipe and add lemon peel and lemon juice as well as some parsley.

The ravioli were another thing. I never made filled pasta before. The filling and the pasta dough were actually easy to make but to get the filling into the ravioli and make it stay in there was not as easy as expected. I made a mess of the kitchen. in the end I was so mad at me and the ravioli that I threw some against the wall. Well no I threw some at the sink, but throwing things at the wall is the ‘better’ image.

To continue my cooking week-end I created some weird vegetable muffins and am baking beer bread (the dough is still proving, the idea for this by Jamie Oliver).

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories