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The article go fish : Locks tight made me remember our short discussion on kitchen gizmos.

If you are like me, getting storage containers for your birthday is a major event. I love that kind of stuff. My kitchen is an homage to kitchen gadgets and weird little appliances and unique cookware. Olive pitter? Yeah, I’ve got one.

Just the other day I worshipped the gods of kitchen-equipment again and bought one of those silicon baking moulds which of course had to be put to a test immediately and I can assure everyone: they are great!

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. I tested with “some weird muffin creation(tm)” and everything went great. The biggest trouble I can imagine is for larger moulds to transport the cakes etc. and ‘not break’ them when lifting them out of the mould. For the small ‘brioche’ forms it was quite easy.

    I was having lots of trouble with my metal muffin moulds that’s the reason why I didn’t resist the urge of buying the silicon mould 🙂

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