Finally Threads

I never thought I’d get the concept but I think now I have started. I don’t have any synchronization issues to deal with in this project (yet) and so everything is working out nicely. Yay.

Concentration and fun at work. Now. Back to it 🙂

Girl Replies

I think she has noticed. Today she still said she didn’t need anyone but at the same time she’s smiling at him and telling him what she didn’t like about her last boy-friend. Now they are both out for a coffee/smoke break 🙂

Geek likes girl?

I think he is interested and she doesn’t notice. Instead she is bashing on stuff he likes. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe not. He’s a nice guy and she’s lonely. It’s the way of geeks I guess.

Lazy? Let others think for you

See I said so and I was right. I said that while the company was off-shoring some work to whereever this would not mean we would lose our jobs at least not any time soon. And I was right. I now have proof! Why why why do people not think? I mean ever since the first rumors came about the new office abroad there were also those who said that to save money our work would be done there. Admittedly I was shocked for a day or two. But my brain recovered and I thought: Yeah right and why is the company still hiring (like mad) new people for our teams? In the last one and a half years the teams have doubled in size! Think for yourself don’t let others think for you. Sometimes the office feels like a Panic Room and I feel like a psychic for knowing before what was to come 😉


So this game says I’ll live to the age of 89. If I do sports every day I’ll live to 90! Whow one year for “daily vigorous exercise” 😉 But if I was a guy I’d only get to 82, now isn’t that unfair? What a prejudiced game.

Summertime Sleep Deprivation

public void noSleep()[
   if(this.isTired()) {
         this.makeTea(); //this method has yet to be implemented :-)

I am one of those people who get up at the same time each day no matter when I went to bed, so the one hour lost really gets me. Rolland is one of the people who sleeps eight hours each night. However since we had to get up early to play bball he’s probably dead tired too.

PS: I remembered all the dinner ingredients correctly. I just looked up the recipe on the blog