Finally Threads

I never thought I’d get the concept but I think now I have started. I don’t have any synchronization issues to deal with in this project (yet) and so everything is working out nicely. Yay. Concentration and fun at work. Now. Back to it 🙂

Girl Replies

I think she has noticed. Today she still said she didn’t need anyone but at the same time she’s smiling at him and telling him what she didn’t like about her last boy-friend. Now they are both out for a coffee/smoke break 🙂

Geek likes girl?

I think he is interested and she doesn’t notice. Instead she is bashing on stuff he likes. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe not. He’s a nice guy and she’s lonely. It’s the way of geeks I guess.

CSS Links

Some links to remember Guide to Cascading Stylesheets 3 col stretch css zen garden css/edge CSS CSS Check W3C CSS Homepage Simple Bits: Simple CSS Tabs


So this game says I’ll live to the age of 89. If I do sports every day I’ll live to 90! Whow one year for “daily vigorous exercise” 😉 But if I was a guy I’d only get to 82, now isn’t that unfair? What a prejudiced game.

Sets @ Google Labs

Oh no I am not bored I am just trying to get my brain into thinking position and motivate myself to get back to my thread problem. In the meantime I tried out another google feature that was new to me until a moment ago. I am not sure what the “Google Sets” are good… Continue reading Sets @ Google Labs

The Skating Season

is officially opened now. Well official by me. Saturday I went skating instead to the Gym. I still know how to do it. My muscle ache though comes from going climbing with Gerhard, Daniel and Alex at The Rock on Saturday afternoon for the first time since September. And just to complete the list: this… Continue reading The Skating Season