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Yet another article on the topic of ‘networks’ some of you will probably think. The another part of you will have already read it because it is from spiegel.de. The rest read this:

Mundpropaganda: Wie eine Botschaft Millionen erreicht

I find it interesting on the one hand because it is always fascinating to solve puzzles about relationships and the way people interact and information (etc.) is spread.

Some of the implications in the article are a bit more than that though. For example about marketing potential: “It’s enough to give out product for free to ‘superspreaders’!” or the application to analyze informal networks and hierarchies in companies. To what end?

Maybe it is just me feeling bad because I am probably not one of the ‘superspreaders’ as they are called in the article because I might or not – depending on which network type is analyzed – be discriminated. I am not that big of a socializer, so this scares me.

It is yet another application to show how powerful the analysis of information is and while I love to analyze the visitors to this page and find out who looked and what and when it is a huge difference between my small perl script and the huge apparatus behind Big Brother.

By Yashima

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