Web Etiquette

I thought it was common web etiquette not to steal pictures from others or link one into another page. I think there even is a name for this type of ‘image stealing’. I guess the guilty found the picture via google image search. Since I am very fond of web statistics I found him out rather quickly. I am always curious what pages refer to my page and what is linked to >:->

He posted a picture of my house bar (lots of bottles of alcohol) to signify “Well my interests lie elsewhere ….” as an answer to some question in a thread. Thx to Alex I substituted the original picture with a half-naked guy 🙂

I hope he likes it.

Addendum 16.2.: now the admin has edited the post and removed the picture and the guy that the answer was directed at, answered: “I dont’ think this is funny!” Yay. Chaos rules.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


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