Unlucky Week II

Well I now have a new mainboard for 32,99 Euros while my old one is being send to somewhere which might take 2 or 8 weeks depending on random factors unknown to me. I am mad at every company involved but I guess I can sell the second board and I am definitely not doing without my desktop computer for up to 2 months.

My second unlucky streak of the week is the changing weather – within one day the temperature has risen by about 15°C, which is causing me a mighty headache: imagine someone with a huge axe or hammer trying to split your head or rather squash it.

So I am on another 3 days of sick leave to recuperate (?) from the therapy I got last week. Tomorrow’s plan is to finally get the wiki to run I tried to install on my account sometime in december or november.

Now I am off to read my newest acquisition: Kingdoms of Kalamar. Yeah so what I don’t own any d20 rulebooks, who said I couldn’t use unknown armies rules for a fantasy setting? Or any other rules I feel worthy of being used? See, that’s what I meant 😉 I am the GM, I am always right. Now don’t you dare say I have been reading to many KotD issues lately. Well admittedly I have read a few ….

By Yashima

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