The salt lake

Not city. Thursday last week I suffered from “acute hearing loss” … 10 days after I am still hearing this nice ringing sound with my left ear. In the meantime I have been getting therapy (since wednesday that means 5 times): NaCl solution infusions with some type of medecine added. Not only did I gain 6 pounds in five days, but I feel awful and it didn’t help. I am scared of needles and that doctor today proved why. He hurt my right arm. But what was even worse was that after every infusion beyond the first my blood pressure was dropping terribly and the first time I thought that my hands would just burst open, the second time I could barely get downstairs to my bike and the third time yesterday despite getting up really slow and even getting some medecine to stabilize my blood pressure, it was still something I didn’t want to repeat. Today I quit after half the infusion was done. My arm was hurting and my stomach started feeling queasy again. Right now I have a splitting head ache, I cannot quite concentrate on anything, I don’t want to sleep, I have no computer to play games with, I am sick of watching TV and I feel like I am about to burst from all the stupid salt solution in my body. Tomorrow I have another appointment with the doctor and I am going to ask for another few days of sick leave from my job so I can regenerate from the therapy. Actually I should be getting 5 more infusions, but if they try that I am going to start screaming I think.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. That sounds terrible! I don’t envy you.
    Once I stepped on a wasp and I discovered that pain was easier to support once you give in and accept it as a part of you. I don’t know if this will work for you too, but you might try. No, I don’t do BDSM 🙂
    Anyway, I hope you will feel better asap.

  2. Argl, “supporter” is French! I hate languages.
    I suppose “to live with” would have been a more fitting expression in English.

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