Down the drain

I invested a lot of time in my desktop computer to get everything the way I wanted and I had a nice running system with both a clean windows installation and a smoothly running debian system. Then the motherboard died. Now I have a new one. Yesterday I re-assembled the computer from the parts I got back from the store and then I started installing windows in hopes that my linux survived the crash. Well Windows didn’t feel like installing I guess. Neither repair nor install routines are working on the partitions already there. So it seems I must delete everything and try again. The other fun part: I quit trying with windows to have at least access to my linux system again. Another surprise was waiting for me. I just quit trying and am now resolved to install a completely new system in a few days when I have the time and nerve to do it. I have no idea what happened. Sometimes the computer boots then it doesn’t the farthest I got was the X splash screen of the nvidia driver. Segmentation faults while compiling a new kernel, kernel panic while booting, failed fsck ….. it seems the whole file system is a huge mess. I think I don’t have a lot of data on there (well except for the photos that rolland still has on his computer, which I sorted though for the digital albums and that was a lot of work). The only thing on that computer that will take a lot of time to re-create is the system itself. I am not such a linux/windows guru that this will be easy for me and I am really very frustrated with the complete thing right now. I think this will have to wait for a lot of time until I feel like touching that pile of junk again.







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  1. Lex Avatar

    Maybe you should try an apple 😉