Das Wort zum Sonntag

Homemade food rules 😉 Today we had burgers and I just made chocolate pudding. Well actually my dessert book calls it a chocolate “Flammeri” and it’s not made from some preprocessed pulver but with eggs, chocolate, milk, suggar and “starch” (? you know the stuff that’s in potatoes ?). People that know me could have predicted this: I flavored the pudding with a shot of Amaretto.

Yesterday we had American pancakes with homemade orange syrup (well orange juice with a shot of cointreau and sugar cooked for a while -> the stuff that usually goes with Crepes Suzette). At the moment I am practicing a kind of ‘minimum amount’ cooking. So I made so little of the pan cake mix that there was just enough for one pancake for each of us. Same with the pudding today. I am sick of having too much food.

Friday my sister was here to show us how to make sushi. We made enough sushi to last for four meals. It”s easy, healthy and not even that expensive to make. The most work has to be put into making the rice. The rest is quick.

Thursday? Another meal in the bag. I just took the ingredients for one of our favorite dinners and put them in the bag. But this one is better when cooked the ‘normal’ way. It’s “Orange-Curry-Chicken”: cut up some onions and fry them, put 1-2 tablespoons curry spice on it and add one chicken breast cut into bite size pieces, fry for a bit then add a mixture of orange juice and bouillon/broth, when the meat is well done add a ‘grinded'(?) apple and 1-2 tablespoons of creme fraiche, and don’t forget pepper and salt, serve with rice. One chicken breast is good for two people as always 🙂 Well unless you are very hungry.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories