Month: February 2004

  • Timely bugs

    Those two cost me time and … more time. I am testing timestamps. First I was wondering why my computer was generating a date in August instead of February! result.append(calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH + 1)); Spot the error. …. MONTH)+1); would have been correct 🙁 My second mistake was in the same category of stupidity. The timestamp may […]

  • Word of Mouth

    Yet another article on the topic of ‘networks’ some of you will probably think. The another part of you will have already read it because it is from The rest read this: Mundpropaganda: Wie eine Botschaft Millionen erreicht I find it interesting on the one hand because it is always fascinating to solve puzzles […]

  • Joke Personality Test

    One should devise one of those personality tests that determines your personality by the jokes you make about others. Did you never judge someone or have been judged by the type of things you find funny? Others may often not be of the same opinion and therefore many – even well-intentioned – jokes can be […]

  • Web Etiquette

    I thought it was common web etiquette not to steal pictures from others or link one into another page. I think there even is a name for this type of ‘image stealing’. I guess the guilty found the picture via google image search. Since I am very fond of web statistics I found him out […]

  • Meine Erfahrungen mit Arlt

    Yet another chapter …. und wie es scheint bin ich nicht alleine. Wie ich bereits erwaehnte, war mein Motherboard kaputt. Kondensatoren ausgelaufen. Das konnte man sehen. Ich rief bei an und fragte nach, wie ich das jetzt machen solle, mein Rechner wuerde nicht mehr anspringen.

  • Zappers Dream

    Now that I am at the gym regularly I am living the ‘zappers dream’ I can watch TV on 10 screens simultaneously and all without sound (because of my ears I don’t want to use ear plugs). I noticed that the amount of visual information is small enough that I can really watch all the […]

  • Down the drain

    I invested a lot of time in my desktop computer to get everything the way I wanted and I had a nice running system with both a clean windows installation and a smoothly running debian system. Then the motherboard died. Now I have a new one. Yesterday I re-assembled the computer from the parts I […]

  • More wiki stuff

    I have now even managed to integrate my WikiHome with my blog 🙂 I can now use Wiki Words inside my blog like UnknownArmies, DasSchwarzeAuge etc.. At the moment the wiki has mostly information about RollenSpiel (roleplaying games).

  • Wacky Wiki

    So here it comes: I have finally found a wiki software that was a) easily installed, b) easily used (well nearly) and c) I like it. Go take a look at Yashima’s Wiki. And by the way: my hearing is improving and I am feeling somewhat better. I had my small personal victory today when […]