Timely bugs

Those two cost me time and … more time.

I am testing timestamps. First I was wondering why my computer was generating a date in August instead of February!

result.append(calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH + 1));

Spot the error. …. MONTH)+1); would have been correct πŸ™ My second mistake was in the same category of stupidity. The timestamp may not be older than one hour.

long nowstamp = System.currentTimeMillis();
if ((nowstamp - timestamp > 3600) || .....

I was alwas surprised that my timestamps seemed to be valid for only a few seconds. Maybe I should have multplied with 1000 to make them valid for one hour?

But now I learned how to use DateFormat classes πŸ™‚

Word of Mouth

Yet another article on the topic of ‘networks’ some of you will probably think. The another part of you will have already read it because it is from spiegel.de. The rest read this:

Mundpropaganda: Wie eine Botschaft Millionen erreicht

I find it interesting on the one hand because it is always fascinating to solve puzzles about relationships and the way people interact and information (etc.) is spread.

Some of the implications in the article are a bit more than that though. For example about marketing potential: “It’s enough to give out product for free to ‘superspreaders’!” or the application to analyze informal networks and hierarchies in companies. To what end?

Maybe it is just me feeling bad because I am probably not one of the ‘superspreaders’ as they are called in the article because I might or not – depending on which network type is analyzed – be discriminated. I am not that big of a socializer, so this scares me.

It is yet another application to show how powerful the analysis of information is and while I love to analyze the visitors to this page and find out who looked and what and when it is a huge difference between my small perl script and the huge apparatus behind Big Brother.

Joke Personality Test

One should devise one of those personality tests that determines your personality by the jokes you make about others. Did you never judge someone or have been judged by the type of things you find funny? Others may often not be of the same opinion and therefore many – even well-intentioned – jokes can be very hurtful to those on the receiving end.

And to answer your questions: no I haven’t been targeted by incompatible humor (at least no in the last few days/weeks that I remember anything). I just thought about this that’s all.

Web Etiquette

I thought it was common web etiquette not to steal pictures from others or link one into another page. I think there even is a name for this type of ‘image stealing’. I guess the guilty found the picture via google image search. Since I am very fond of web statistics I found him out rather quickly. I am always curious what pages refer to my page and what is linked to >:->

He posted a picture of my house bar (lots of bottles of alcohol) to signify “Well my interests lie elsewhere ….” as an answer to some question in a thread. Thx to Alex I substituted the original picture with a half-naked guy πŸ™‚

I hope he likes it.

Addendum 16.2.: now the admin has edited the post and removed the picture and the guy that the answer was directed at, answered: “I dont’ think this is funny!” Yay. Chaos rules.

Zappers Dream

Now that I am at the gym regularly I am living the ‘zappers dream’ I can watch TV on 10 screens simultaneously and all without sound (because of my ears I don’t want to use ear plugs). I noticed that the amount of visual information is small enough that I can really watch all the screens they have up. At 7:30 a.m. many stations turn into Shopping Channels selling funky things like the Restamat or KΓΌchenstolz or whatever else you don’t need at really ‘lower prices’. But those shopping shows don’t have re-runs. Either the product fails (miserably) or it makes it into the real world? They become even more stupid if you cannot listen to the text and simply have to watch a stupidly grinning anchor(wo)man or two of them. I really wonder how they can believe that a 20 minute commercial makes the difference?

The other half of the screens are tuned to MTV-lookalikes. I never noticed before how much naked flesh is displayed in 90% of the videos. So I guess for the men at the gym these are a real motivation to stay longer.

The only thing that bugs me is the news channel. Except the other day when they were showing pictures of the metro bombing of Moscow. Usually I would like to be able to listen to what they are saying.

Down the drain

I invested a lot of time in my desktop computer to get everything the way I wanted and I had a nice running system with both a clean windows installation and a smoothly running debian system. Then the motherboard died. Now I have a new one. Yesterday I re-assembled the computer from the parts I got back from the store and then I started installing windows in hopes that my linux survived the crash. Well Windows didn’t feel like installing I guess. Neither repair nor install routines are working on the partitions already there. So it seems I must delete everything and try again. The other fun part: I quit trying with windows to have at least access to my linux system again. Another surprise was waiting for me. I just quit trying and am now resolved to install a completely new system in a few days when I have the time and nerve to do it. I have no idea what happened. Sometimes the computer boots then it doesn’t the farthest I got was the X splash screen of the nvidia driver. Segmentation faults while compiling a new kernel, kernel panic while booting, failed fsck ….. it seems the whole file system is a huge mess. I think I don’t have a lot of data on there (well except for the photos that rolland still has on his computer, which I sorted though for the digital albums and that was a lot of work). The only thing on that computer that will take a lot of time to re-create is the system itself. I am not such a linux/windows guru that this will be easy for me and I am really very frustrated with the complete thing right now. I think this will have to wait for a lot of time until I feel like touching that pile of junk again.

More wiki stuff

I have now even managed to integrate my WikiHome with my blog πŸ™‚

I can now use Wiki Words inside my blog like UnknownArmies, DasSchwarzeAuge etc.. At the moment the wiki has mostly information about RollenSpiel (roleplaying games).

Wacky Wiki

So here it comes: I have finally found a wiki software that was a) easily installed, b) easily used (well nearly) and c) I like it. Go take a look at Yashima’s Wiki.

And by the way: my hearing is improving and I am feeling somewhat better. I had my small personal victory today when I evaded another nasty x-ray by simply asking wether it was necessary: it wasn’t πŸ™‚

Unlucky Week II

Well I now have a new mainboard for 32,99 Euros while my old one is being send to somewhere which might take 2 or 8 weeks depending on random factors unknown to me. I am mad at every company involved but I guess I can sell the second board and I am definitely not doing without my desktop computer for up to 2 months.

My second unlucky streak of the week is the changing weather – within one day the temperature has risen by about 15Β°C, which is causing me a mighty headache: imagine someone with a huge axe or hammer trying to split your head or rather squash it.

So I am on another 3 days of sick leave to recuperate (?) from the therapy I got last week. Tomorrow’s plan is to finally get the wiki to run I tried to install on my account sometime in december or november.

Now I am off to read my newest acquisition: Kingdoms of Kalamar. Yeah so what I don’t own any d20 rulebooks, who said I couldn’t use unknown armies rules for a fantasy setting? Or any other rules I feel worthy of being used? See, that’s what I meant πŸ˜‰ I am the GM, I am always right. Now don’t you dare say I have been reading to many KotD issues lately. Well admittedly I have read a few ….