Where ultrathin is the ultimate achieval

I saw this at gizmodo and it sure looks tasty Review of Sony’s ultrathin X505 laptop. There is even a picture and a link to further talk on the new sony laptop.

I just chatted with Alex about it and here it is 🙂 I should have known I saw it at gizmodo, where else ?

But I’d take a power or i-book as well. Without much explanation: I’d not get a DELL again. Why? Missing gizmo-factor.

We should really book a flight to NYC buy some gizmos and have a nice week-end financed by the difference of euros to usd’s. There are still enough techno-geek-toys we don’t have to pay the flight from what you save on the toys. Of course we’d have to smuggle them back home.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories