What’s a New Year

… without resolutions? I thought I didn’t have any for this year. But thinking about it I have quite a lot of plans for this year. Read on ….

in no particular order and most of my plans are rather trivial and simple but nevertheless: this is a huge ‘todo-list’

– lose those last 7kg on my way to a healthy weight (-3 kg since new years)
– eat healthy and generally live healthy (working on it)
go skiing
– have a great long summer vacation with Rolland
– get my Dad a great present for his 60st birthday
– get chairs for our kitchen
– get lamps and a carpet for the living room and other paraphernalia for the apartment
– finally start on saving money for my pension
– stay in contact with my friends (dinner invitations, emails, parties, chats …)
– write
– finish my ua campaign
– GM some of the games I bought
– find the rest of the people who graduated with me
do some sports (basketball, gym whatever it takes)
move my domains to the rootserver
cancel the aikido club membership (we haven’t gone for over a year now)
– remember everybody’s birthday
– take another look at my French and Spanish books
– go to Spiel 2004
– go to one or two festivals this summer (M’era Luna probably)
– don’t forget any doctor’s appointments
– host a party to play the werewolf game

Here are a few plans for my job:

– do a good job at work 😉
– learn more about linux/computers/science
– improve my software development process

Yeah so what most of these are not very surprising. 😉 Maybe in about 360 days I’ll take another look at the posting and then say: whow I wanted to do all this? Maybe I’ll be successfull. And if you really want to know? This is the first time ever I am making resolutions beyond “I’ll be a nice girl this year!”

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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