What I put in a bag

I was inspired by the “Meal in a Bag” recipes in the “Happy Days” cookbook to try the following last night. I made this while preparing the Chili con Carne we’ll have tonight.

The meal in a bag paradigm says this:

make a bag out of two sheets of tin foil by folding in three sides. Mix up the ingredients of your meal in a bowl (anything that takes longer than 20 minutes you’ll have to precook), season to taste, fill in the bag, add in a glas of either wine or some other fitting fluid. Close the bag and cook at around 200°C in the oven for 20 minutes.

It’s very easy and you can even prepare the meal in the morning and eat it later …. read on to see what I put in the bag:

– a piece of turkey
– a handful of ‘chanterelles’ (geez is that really the name of ‘Pfifferling’ in Englisch?)
– one large fresh ‘boletus’ (I am sure this is not the right word for ‘Steinpilz’), these are really expensive, that one cost me 2,50€ for one mushroom.
– a bit of fresh thyme and parsley
– two shallots
– two pieces of sundried tomatoes in oil
– two cloves of garlic
– pepper and salt
– a few teaspoons of creme fraiche (currently I am usually opting for the ‘legere’ variant available here with only 15% fat but that’s just me, of course the normal creme fraiche tastes better)
– a glass of white Noilly Prat

I cut up the herbs, the shallots, the tomatoes and the garlic in the food processor to speed up the preparation. I also cut up the turkey into three somewhat largish pieces. Then everything went into the bag and 20 minutes later I had a fantastic dinner.

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By Yashima

Writer of code and stories