un voyage en bourgogne

For my mother’s 50st birthday we traveled to burgundy for a week of French culture and French food. Back then I wrote up most of the menus – in French.

My first attempt at writing a longish French text since school. Alex laughed about it. Well of course: my French writing skills have always been rather mediocre. So instead I wrote up the whole thing in German and then used babelfish for translation, the result is of course even funnier than my own text.

The menus are original though! So if you want to drool some over the good food we had, go read it.

Why do I mention this article now you ask? Well, the author of one of my favorite blogs – some of you might have heard me mention articles from go fish – was writing her way through her (incredibly huge) blogroll and writing up why she read each blog. She kindly mentionned she liked my ‘Tasty Bytes’ and here I am posting some more ….

And by the way: I ordered another pair of cookbooks: the first Jamie Oliver cookbook – simply a must have after that absolutely delicious pineapple-mintsugar-yoghurt ensemble Daniel presented us with in december. The other book I ordered is the original Paul Bocuse cookbook, this time hardcover with pictures! I can’t wait till I have those two.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories