Two Surprises For Free

I am sure some people are going to scold me for posting about such trivial things again 😉

Yesterday I didn’t watch the “jungle test” but Rolland did and despite crying and screaming Daniel K. actually did it. He took a bath in 30,000 Cockroaches. That’s one surprise. The second surprise isn’t so big: guess who the audience chose for the fourth test? Yes Daniel K. again. Rolland tells me he didn’t even cry anymore, the next is something about eel. Well whatever, I guess he’s going to do it, too.

What I am not sure about though: I never really believed in these audience-call-in-to-chose-who …. but could RTL be so stupid to fake something in this way? Daniel K. has been chosen by the audience every single time so far. I am entirely sure this could be for real, there are sure a lot of people who don’t like Daniel and of all people there he has the ‘highest profile’, many people have an opinion about him. A second argument in that favor is: by selecting someone to do the test the audience is not kicking that person from the show.

My other guess is that this is a huge marketing stunt by RTL and Daniel K. after all if he is selected every day and he passes all those tests – proving he is not the wimpy teenager everyone thought he is – that’s some kind of (weird) fame. Nearly winning the German Idol show just isn’t enough for a career in showbiz ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories