It’s here. I have it. Mine, all mine, my precious!

Don’t know when it arrived and how and whatever happened: I got it. Now I have to wait for another 90 minutes until the batteries are charged. Can’t play *sniff*… I already took a picture with my phone. I’ll post it here later (not that there aren’t better quality images of the t3 on the net, but this one is MINE!)

Now at least somebody (=Rolland) knows what happens to toy-deprived geeks.

Shiny new toy, waiting for me. My first PDA ever. I always refrained from buying one: I said I didn’t need one. Well I am still not sure I do. Uhm. Need a pda.

Did I just say that? Of course I need toys. There’s already a line of other toys waiting to be bought. And what a nice couple the t3 and the t610 make (after polishing the screen of the phone …). I just hope that they are also working together via bluetooth.

Now what am I going to do the next one and a half hours? Can’t cook anything, that’s Rolland’s job for today. Cannot eat anything: dinner is still an hour away. Play play want to play – gotta be games for now instead of toys 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories