The week my luck ran out

Yesterday the doctor diagnosed “acute hearing loss” on my left ear – not completely but it’s bad enough as it is. The cause: I believe the stress on Thursday in the office is responsible.

Today we brought my computer back to the store because on Sunday the mainboard died – that seems to be a known problem with (among others) Epox mainboards that are between one and two years old now. (Kondensatoren ausgelaufen, kurz vorm Platzen, Rechner koennte abbrennen!) Luckily this was still within the two year guarantee … back to the store where the clerk – rather unfriendly he was, too – told me that they’d need two to three days to simply check wether it really was the mainboard (geez who am I, it is the mainboard!), then they’d have to contact Epox and then check wether the processor and the rest of the hardware were still okay. All in all they’d need at least four two five work days to do something. It’s not like I don’t need that computer but hey: who the f…. cares?

Repeat with me: bad customer service is bad customer service is bad customer service is bad customer service is bad customer service …. depending how the story goes on this is another store I’ll not frequent anymore (really stupid because I bought nearly all my hardware there up to now).

Oh guess what I am not in a good mood …..

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories