The Biggest Franchise Ever

And its not the fast food restaurant everybody is thinking of now …. I think it is a big conspiracy to keep everyone in the dark as to who is really trying to reach world domination. Not every city has a Burger King or MacD but most cities that have those have even more Irish Pubs! And many smaller cities that don’t have any fast food restaurants still have an Irish Pub.

Here in Karlsruhe are at least – and I am only counting those I remember currently: Claddagh Ring, Old Dublin, Scruffy’s Irish Pub, Flynn’s Inn, Sean O’Cacey’s, Treacy’s Irish Pub. I am sure there are more (at least one in Durlach and one in Ettlingen). This is Germany not Ireland but the next Guinness or Kilkenny (or Cider!) is never far.

So are they giving out charges with every Guinness? Or is it the pub quiz?

Sometimes I am really wondering wether there is anybody still living in Ireland? Well besides those that need to keep the Guinness and Kilkenny breweries running?

added May 13

The Irish Pub in Durlach is called the ‘Irish Harp’! Not that I’m advertsising another pub *g* Posted by: Quiz queen of Scruffys at May 13, 2004 11:16 AM

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