Sunshiny Day

Well the sun isn’t shining exactly. It’s just that everything is fine. I really don’t know what to worry about. I have finally started going to a fitness studio. I know many people say it’s no true sport and rather do some running outside or something more fun like b-ball. But I haven’t done any sports for about 4 months when my hip started hurting (which is much better now) and I want to go really slow. I also want to workout my back. I am sitting all day in my job and it’s hurting my back.

Well it seems the fitness studio idea was a good one.

Today I reached the magical 75.x on the scale. It is a reason to be happy. The last few weeks since Christmas went really slow, so now I am happy with every pound that goes. All this despite eating such fun and tasty food lately. The fish we had on Monday was megalicious … and last night – I better not start watering anybody’s mouth with those baked onions and the ‘Jamie Oliver meal in a bag’ …. yum yum. I had to call my mom right after dinner to tell her about the recipe.

I even had wine and sweets and …. it just seems like I have found a certain balance.

My job is doing fine as well. I am motivated and feeling so much better with only having been to the studio three times. I am not so dead-tired anymore and no head-aches. I have interesting work to do that is flowing smoothly and without stress or deadlines to be depressed by. I have toys to play, games to try, books to read, time to spent after work because I am finally back to getting up early.

So that’s why the sun is shining today for me 🙂

Let me rant happily on 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories