Service and Manners

I wasn’t so intrigued by the behaviour of the sales clerk at the Saturn that I wrote about in my last posting but this happens quite a lot and the opposite is rare.

Short before christmas something similar happend to us. Rolland wanted to give me a silver necklace for a pendant he got me for my birthday.We went to different jewelers to find just the right one. One of the places even had a bodyguard out in front and we should have known better than to go in there. We asked for ‘silver necklaces’. At that point the sales-woman started looking at us like we were bums from the street, probably thinking how to get rid of us fast, they didn’t have anything I liked and when I commented on the small selection, she said: “Well we really don’t carry silver jewelery!” You can imagine the condescending manner with which we were treated as soon as the word ‘silver’ had been said.

We left the place quickly.

We weren’t dressed up, but so what? Maybe not now but in a couple of years we might be their typical customer. They didn’t quite see what they expected and thought to treat us like bums. But it is their job to respect their customers. My family suggested next time that happens take out the watch I inherited from my grandmother, look at it and say: “Come on I believe we have a bit more time to find a place with better service!”

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories