Quick Tandoori Chicken

Here’s a very simple recipe for two.

– one boneless chicken breast
– some joghurt
– ready-made tandoori paste (I usually buy it at my local Chinese grocer)

Mix up the joghurt and the tandoori paste. Put the chicken in a casserole just big enough and cover with the joghurt mixture. Grill or bake in the oven at 180-200°C for 15-20 minutes. Serve with rice or salad. Pineapple is good with that as well. If you need to watch your calorie input just use low-fat joghurt. Even with normal joghurt this is a ‘harmless’ recipe.

Addendum Did I forget to mention how much joghurt and how much tandoori paste? Oh well you need about 100-150g of joghurt and a couple of tablespoons of the paste. Just taste the mixture and if it is too strong add more joghurt or the other way round.