Palm RPG-ware

At sypda – which Daniel mentionned on the dsalog some time ago, they have this nice rpg suite and they are saying a dsa plugin is in development. Too bad its not OpenSource … I downloaded it on my palm: via the web and it actually installed the software. Luckily it wasn’t a big file -> otherwise it would have been a big bill … - - [13/Jan/2004:10:41:49 +0100] "GET /~yashima/uRPGsuite_Installer.PRC HTTP/1.1" 200 168957 "-" "Mozilla/4.76 [en] (PalmOS; U; WebPro3.0; Palm-Arz1)"

But wap/gprs is becoming much more attractive with a bigger screen to use it with. This is NOT good. Not at all. Interesting though how the palm browser is ‘mozilla’ compatible 😉

There is actually a page with palm rpg reviews at which I’ll have to take a look later tonight …. but most of these cost money.

This is a highly unusual occurence for me to find the only available software costs money. Even simple tools cost money, more complex ones cost MORE money. Normally there is always some OpenSource-GPLed linux tool. But OS Software for palm isn’t quite as plentiful as for linux. I think I should learn how to write my own palm apps …. anyone give me a hint where to start?

By Yashima

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