Palm Prices

So I was on the hunt again…

Sometime around the beginning of december I finally decided I needed a pda. I had already found that I liked the Tungsten 3. I asked an expert and after consulting him, I decided that yes the T3 was to be mine.

Then I started looking for the best deal. Quickly I found that had the best price currently, but I would have to wait for a month or so. Well so in favor of saving 50 Euros I ordered the T3 there. Most other places – most notably PalmStore Europe with 455,- – are a lot more expensive. I am still waiting for my Amazon goodie of course.

Since I really would like to have it sooner I went to the local Saturn to check wether they now had any T3s in stock. They had at least a dozen but at 429,- the price was rather steep. When I told the sales guy that, he got rather rude. Of course it didn’t help I mentionned Amazon and that Palm recommends 399 USD as a price which is currently around 320 Euros. 320 would be really sweet. Well of course ordering one in the US would end me with the same price as and I can wait two more weeks I guess.

The “Mediamarkt” is selling the T3 at 400,- which is nearly okay compared to Saturn but still expensive. The Saturn guy then proceeded to tell me what a narrow profit margin they have on the pdas and how he must pay rent and employees. He might be right and he might be lying about the profit – I really don’t trust a word anybody from the retail industry is saying – but I believe it is part of his job to be courteous to customers.

This isn’t the first case I have heard about this rather expensive store. Some more and I am going to quit buying there.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories