One of those days

Today is one. One of those.

I woke up after six hours of sleep and felt ‘beaten up’ (direct translation from German). This is not meant in the positive way of ‘upbeat’ rather very literally.

Hot tea. I hope it is going to help in the next few minutes otherwise I’ll drop down sleeping on the keyboard.

First it took me several attempts to find clothes to wear to work today: I need to wash. Clothes not myself. I tried on two pairs of pants and both were too large. Monday was freezing cold in the office and being tired as I am still, I was thinking about something snug and warm instead of pants threatening to slide to the floor at the wrong move. I mean I am really happy I lost so much weight. But this morning it was just the wrong start to stand in front of so many clothes none of which were ‘just right’. So I got out the skirt my sister gave me – because it is too larger for her already. Skirt – bike. Yak. Nevertheless it only took about five minutes longer than usual to get here. Of course now that I am here the heating is working and all my precautions about not freezing were for naught – it’s hot in here.

Second problem: I woke up feeling hungry, kind of but with no appetite. You know that type of hunger that turns into a sick feeling and you need to throw up as soon as you eat anything? I believe that is the one problem that is fixed now. Well I hope. Got myself something nice at the bakery. I even managed not to get any sweets along with my breakfast.

Third problem. Tired. Head. Ache. Sleep-deprivation. I know going to bed late isn’t good. But the real trouble was, once in bed I couldn’t sleep. Shouldn’t trink multiple cups of green tea in the evening. When am I going to learn that? Probably never. Motivation down to zero. Movement barely possible. Luckily typing doesn’t take a lot and I never said my blogging was all deep thoughts. I really believe that today is the day I’ll fall asleep at work. Tea is good but coke is better and coke is taboo.

Drink more tea. Now.







One response to “One of those days”

  1. daniel Avatar

    Ah well… I actually didn’t do much better tonight. At least now I know I’m not alone – maybe it was something in the yasmine tea? 😉