No Jungle Wimp

After Costa Cordalis proved the first day that he’ll eat just about anything for the second “Jungle Test” the viewers selected Daniel K. as the youngest and ‘softest’ he was probably selected to prove himself an absolute wimp and when told he would have to take the test that day he started the prove by crying.

But then when it was time to run across some flimys rope bridge which was deteriorating fast as he picked up the ‘Stars’ representing food rations for the group, he did really well even when he plunged down several meters as the bridge lost the last resemblance to something more than a mere rope. He managed to get 9 out of 10 rations which was even one more than CC.

Why am I telling you this? Nothing special: so he did surprisingly well on that test. Good for him. The moderators were a bit surprised but also nice about it. Well the point of this story is whom the audience selected for the next test – a bath with a huge family of cockroaches – guess who? Yes Daniel K. again. Even the moderators were stunned. After all Daniel had done well on his test and the cockroach bath screamed for a woman. But obviously there is no mechanic to prevent the same person being chosen for every single exam ….

I mean I don’t like Daniel K., I think he is a terrible singer and lots more not so nice things, but that one: is one too much. As the moderators put it: what does this say about the audience? As Daniel K. put it: “das deutsche Volk ist arschig!”

But what did he say: he went there to prove something, to prove he’s not a wimp. Well the audience is giving him the opportunity to prove a lot of non-wimpiness 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories