Jungle Fever

The latest creation in a series of absolutely high quality (?) reality tv shows “Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus!” started yesterday and what a way to celebrate the 20st anniversary of private cable television in Germany.

There have been complaints for years now that there is no quality entertainment on German TV. Even if this is not quality we’ll get a laugh from it.

4 women and 4 men have been brought to the Australian outback where they are staying in a jungle camp for two weeks, free from the contraptions of western culture like: running water, electricity and most everything else. Of course these are not normal people but everything’s more fun if you can laugh about someone famous. So who did they bring there?

Antonia Langsdorf (astrologer and tv moderator),
Carlo Thränhardt (former high jump athlete),
Caroline Beil (moderator of a tv magazine about the rich and famous),
Costa Cordalis (Anita! Anita!, greek singer),
Daniel Küblböck (Superstar/German Idol, singer?),
Dustin Semmelrogge (Bang Boom Bang, son of his father),
Lisa Fitz (cabarettist),
Mariella Ahrens (actress),
Susan Stahnke(everything on screen: actress, newspeaker, moderator)
Werner Böhm (alias Gottlieb Wendehals, singer of the in(?)famous polonaise song).

Actually I would count all of these among the ‘half-famous’ and I am pretty sure they are all doing it for the publicity they are getting. So what better than this weirdo show. I guess for them it really doesn’t matter what happens, as long as they survive and are on air.

We saw yesterday’s broadcast with the moderators Sonja and Dirk Bach. The funniest part was that the two of them were cackling gleefully throughout the complete episode. For the rest things went as expected Daniel was looking like a wet dog while Costa Cordalis nominated himself for the first jungle test which consisted of balancing across logs in a pond carrying boa constrictors …. all in all he’s seems to be doing better than the rest. Reminds me of Agi (former flat-mate of greek descent) …. Well though I believe Agi wouldn’t eat insects and worms with the same appetite as Costa Cordalis. I think Daniel K. nearly puked while watching him.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories