Holiday Resume

Before the holidays – nearly a month ago I posted my plans for the three weeks off-work Daily Delusions: Vacation Plans.

Let’s see how I fared.

– getting my tungsten

Nada. Still waiting.

– gettin the UA books and KotDT Comics ordered

Well I got a few of the comics and I am finished with “To Go” hoping Rolland will tell me he got “Break Today” in the mail at his office today.

– catching up on my favorite online comic: sluggy

didn’t find the time 🙁

– writing more on my UA campaign blog

decided to wait till I was back to work. To Go motivated me to write more but I cannot seem to get back into the story 🙁

– oh: watching LotR: Return of the King at least 3 times

nope. the movie is too damn long. so far I saw it only once and all the time Rolland is threatning me, that he will go see it without me a second time and a third and more ….

– celebrating Christmas with my family

it’s over. this year christmas tired me a lot. but I enjoyed the holidays nevertheless.

– celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends

Well 3 days of preparation made for a successfull party I am inclined to say.

– have more people subscribe to the mailinglist at

We are up to 45 of 78 now. A few new people joined in the last few days.

– gaming (computer, board and rpg)

a few board games we played (Carcassonne, Alhambra), no rpg-ing and only a bit of Spellforce (yak) and Carcasonne on the computer.

– catching up on my reading

I finished To Go. For the rest: I read cookbooks. A lot. So I guess this qualifies as another: no, didn’t do it.

– not working

I did that extensively. Just as planned.

– still having to do ALL my Christmas shopping

As seen on the blog I finished all my shopping in one gigantic shopping marathon. I didn’t get anyone really creative presents this year but I think they all liked what they got.

– cleaning up the apartment = start reducing the chaos

We cleaned up, made a mess and cleaned up again. Repeat.

– eating too much of all the good food

Nope. I managed to stay away from all the sweets.

– gaining weight over the holidays

Nope. Not even that. Which is good.

So much for my plans. As it seems I managed to avoid a lot of things. Both good and bad.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories