Yesterday we went to Willi’s Decadence Party for his birthday. While both Rolland and I were a bit skeptical about the motto as well as the ‘roleplaying’ type game to be enacted there, I still dressed up with all the glitter I could muster.

But despite our skepticism everything was really nice, Willi had themed the rooms and gotten ‘decadent food’ and as one of his presents a friend brought a platter of exclusive (home-made) appetizers and caviar. There was champagne, cocktails and some decadently dressed people (and some normally dressed people) … the game consisted mostly of trying to find who was the other person with the same secret identity as yours and so made everyone talk to people they didn’t know so well.

The climax of the party was when they started handing around a can of whipped cream to be licked from boots and chests 😉 Yeah and some people have a large mouth or so 🙂

We talked a lot about gaming and about L’empire des sens the japanese “is-it-porn-or-not?” movie Gerhard had brought along with “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and probably some other decadent movies. He was sad he couldn’t get “Caligula” for the occasion.

Great outfits included:
– Tormentor in his black-whiteflamed bathrobe with his “gothic toy” on a leash 😉 Though I wonder who controlled whom among those two.
– the Gothic Toy outfit of Tormentor’s girl-friend
– Gerhard in silver-black zebra striped shirt, blue-ish sunglasses and red snake-leather pants, hair styled to look like a certain lawyer from a certain movie starring Johnny Depp.
– mine consisted mostly of the feather-boa again … and a glitter shirt and glitter tights (yeah and a skirt, I am not going half-dressed! No not even for a decadent party)

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories